Write stronger internal communications

KeyboardCheck out this story from the June issue of Communications Briefings!

When you are responsible for crafting messages that your team—or entire organization—will read, don’t take the task lightly. It’s your opportunity to inform employees, gain their support—and entertain them a bit. Follow these rules:

  • Use a conversational tone. Don’t be overly formal, use jargon or fill your writing with clichés. Be professional, but write the way you speak to your colleagues. 
  • Don’t be so serious. Use work-appropriate humor, not to the point that you bury your message but enough to keep communications light. 
  • Avoid data dump. Don’t bog down your message with a bunch of statistics and numbers. Make the data easy to digest by putting it into context and saying what those numbers mean to your readers.
    Example: “Because we exceeded our sales this year, everyone will receive 2% of their salaries as a bonus!” Attach documents so that people can review the data. 
  • Limit your message to a page. People can scan or skip over parts of your message and miss important information if it runs too long.

-Adapted from “5 Tips on Writing Internal Communications,” Matthew Schwartz, PRNews, http://www.prnewsonline.com.


One response to “Write stronger internal communications

  1. This is so important. I so often hear managers complaining that staff didn’t follow their instructions (that were buried in really complex, wordy emails etc). I try and use pictures and diagrams and break things into dot points where I can.

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