Draft messages that show thought

Validate your competence with strong writing skills. No matter how small and seemingly insignificant, all documents warrant your full attention to details. Improve your writing by following these tips:

  • Get to the point. Fairy tales and jokes start at the beginning and go to the end, but business documents should start with the bottom line.
  • Streamline. Too many words and irrelevant facts bog down your message.
  • Maintain flow. Your thoughts may flow in all directions, but your writing should follow a straight path.
  • Include what matters. Offer the correct balance of details. Tip: When you finish writing, read your document through a recipient’s eyes. Ask yourself “Did I leave out facts critical to my message?” and “Did I confuse readers by including too much information?”
  • End with a strong conclusion. Present a clear summary that tells readers what actions to take next.

— Adapted from “Business Writing: Top 10 Biggest Business Writing Blunders That Make You Look Incompetent,” Dianna Booher, Booher Communication Consultants, www.booher.com.



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