3 things employees wish they could say

What employees want to say

Here are three bits of feedback your employees would love to share with you but likely never will:

  • “You have no idea what I do each day.” Many employees believe that their supervisors don’t grasp the requirements of their jobs and the amount of work they do.

Action item: Counter that belief by finding out. Shadow employees, sit down with them to complete workload assessments or, better yet, do their jobs for one day.

  • “I hate your meetings.” Most meetings are a waste of time and your employees resent you for it.

Action item: Before you schedule another meeting, decide if it is necessary. In addition, employees may hate your meetings not because of the frequency but because they are tired of hearing you do all the talking. Invite only people who must attend. Let team members run meetings. Listen more and talk less.

  • “Stop calling me outside of work.” If you expect people to respond immediately to every text, email or call you send them during their time off, you are disrespecting work/life boundaries.

Action item: Don’t contact them unless the issue is urgent and can’t wait
until the next workday.

— Adapted from “10 Things Your Employees Are Dying to Tell You,” Barry Moltz, http://www.openforum.com.

[Photo credit:www.flickr.com/photos/cellardoorfilms.]


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