One holiday headache you can avoid

Though Halloween is still a week away, it’s not too early to start thinking about the approaching holiday season. Winter—and all the holidays that come with it—can mean fun festivities and a big boost in sales. However, customers and employees alike often feel stressed and grumpy during this time of year, and as joyful as the holidays can be, they also often bring out a unique set of pet peeves and complaints.

Some people are irked by the politically correct phrase “Happy holidays!” as one reader recently noted. Others might be turned off by a “Christmas party” in the workplace, either because they don’t celebrate Christmas or because they view it as a religious holiday that shouldn’t be watered down.

One complaint that I hear often is that businesses keep moving the holiday season up earlier and earlier. For example, they put out Christmas decorations in early fall (I saw some in September this year!) or start playing carols the day after Thanksgiving. I was in one of my favorite shops the other day, and I really liked how the owner handled the issue. 

"Not trying to rush the season" sign

She had the Christmas items relegated to a single bookshelf and included a small framed note that read “We are not trying to rush the season, but we want to show you a small sample of our fabulous Christmas items.”

I appreciated that she acknowledged the matter so forthrightly. It felt like a good balance of not pushing Christmas too hard too early, while also providing options for people who like to do their holiday shopping early.

I’m curious: If businesses “rushing the season” is one of your pet peeves, would this sign have appeased you? 

[Image Source: Reunions]


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