When one word isn’t enough

After four days of agonizing over a complicated project, working extra hours to complete it on time, my friend finally finished the file and sent it to the head of the division (her boss’s boss’s boss’s boss.) In response she received a one-word reply: “Thanks.”

She was demoralized.

As she told me the story, I noted a key detail: The executive was traveling. “I’ll bet he saw your email on his smartphone and just sent a quick reply to let you know that he received it,” I assured her.

A few days later she received feedback through her boss that made all the difference. The top executives who saw her work thought it was “Awesome.” That one word made her proud and excited about the work she had done.

The gap between what you intend your message to convey and how the recipient interprets it can be huge. Take time before you hit Send on your next email to make sure you are delivering the right message. A few more words could avoid confusion or make someone’s day.

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One response to “When one word isn’t enough

  1. Very true. Very thought provoking.

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