The Nitpickers’ Thanksgiving list

Even nitpickers can be grateful. Here are some of our favorite things:

  • Well-crafted messages. Whether they come via email or voice mail, we’re always grateful for messages that are clear and concise and appropriate in tone. Anyone who leaves that kind of message is A-OK in our book.
  • Various modes of communication. Speaking of email and voice mail, we love how many options there are for communicating these days. Instant messages and texts are convenient when you just need to ask a quick question or give a short answer. Email allows you do go into a bit more detail. Phone calls help you connect more personally with co-workers and clients you can’t visit in person. Video conferences alleviate our need to travel. And handwritten notes are always a joy to receive.
  • Internet resources. As familiar as the golden arches are, in the days before virtually everything was online I once sent a copy editor down the street to find out whether the correct form was McDonald’s or McDonalds’. (It’s the former.) Now I need to type only a few search terms to find answers to nitpicky questions big and small. (And of course, many of our favorite online resources are listed in our blogroll on the right. Be sure to check those out!)
  • Tact. We always appreciate those diplomatic individuals who are able to communicate their messages without giving offense. They don’t compromise on clarity or honesty, and they always make others—customers and colleagues alike—feel respected and appreciated.   
  • Our nitpicking colleagues. Whether calling over the cubicle wall, emailing a remote team member or posting a question in an online forum, discussing and debating grammar, word choice and general communication traps can make a nitpicker’s day.

What are you thankful for?

The BMG blogs will be back to our normal posting schedule next week, but until then, be sure to check out these other great posts in celebration of Thanksgiving:


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